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★ Preliminary Round is over! (+Final Round Guidelines)

5 Oct 2021

Dear student,

the regional preliminary round for the GLEC Vietnam 2021 is over, and thank you for all your support and interest. We appreciate your time and effort as all of you must have spent endless hours and energy on the submission.

The successful applicants for the final round will be announced on 18 October 2021, and the detailed information for the final round will also be informed through official email newsletters. If you receive the finalist notice from GLEC Vietnam Secretariat, the remaining procedures are 1) Final Round Registration (Registration Fee Payment) and 2) Identification Slip Print (Available from 1 November 2021).

Please keep yourself updated on the upcoming emails and again, the website is the best way to get answers to some of your most pressing questions.

[Important Dates]

Finalist Announcement
18 October 2021
Online-based at
Final Round Registration & Payment
18 October - 30 October 2021
All applicants including the Student Nominees ( and the GLEC Vietnam 2020 Finalists should complete the payment ($30 per sector) within the deadline.

* Payment: (Available from 18 October)

Print-out Identification Slip
1 November - 6 November 2021
Identification Slips will be sent to the admitted applicants only through email.
Final Round
6 November - 7 November 2021
Online-based at Zoom (
Award Announcement
3 December 2021
Online-based at

★Must Read★

[Final Round Guidelines:]

[Final  Round Procedure]

Speech Contest

1. Enter Zoom at the individual contest date and time as given on the individual ID slip. (No changes available)

2. Wait in the Zoom waiting room until your turn.

3. Automatically move into a Zoom breakout room (individual speech room) by GLEC Vietnam Secretariat.

4. Present speech within the time limit. (No PPT allowed)

5. Automatically removed from the Zoom room.

* Speech content should be equivalent to the script file submitted in the preliminary round. Only minor changes of words are allowed, and any other difference between the script and speech will be considered as a lack of effort for memorizing.

* After the presentation, further questions related to the speech may be asked by the UN expert or the native professor. The Q&A session is also evaluated.

Essay Contest

1. Enter Zoom at the individual contest date and time as given on the individual ID slip. (No changes available)

2. Wait in the Zoom waiting room.

3. URL for the final round platform will be shared through a Zoom chat.

4. Move to a final round platform.

5. Check your track appeared on the page and submit your essay within the given time limit.

* Surfing the internet, using the shortcuts and operating system functions like Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Print Screen etc. are strictly prohibited.

* If we discover any acts of dishonesty, your results will be invalidated. Find more details on the Guidelines.

Please contact for more details.


GLEC Vietnam Secretariat

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