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★ Result Announcement for the GLEC Vietnam 2021 Preliminary Round!

18 Oct 2021

Dear GLEC Vietnam 2021 participant,

Greetings from GLEC Vietnam Secretariat!

Thank you for participating in the GLEC Vietnam regional preliminary round and making your file submission. We appreciate your time and effort as all of you must have spent endless hours and energy on the submission.

We have informed all participants of their preliminary round results through individual emails registered on the official website, with the lists of reasons for unqualified applicants. If you have not found any emails in your mailbox, there may be an error or misspells on the mailing address. In this case, please contact the GLEC Vietnam Secretariat timely for your preliminary round result.

If you were informed as a qualifier for the final round, please confirm your personal details on the official website (Name, School, Track, etc.) and complete the final round registration within the given deadline (2021/10/18 - 2021/10/30).


Elementary School track (Grade 4-5), Middle School track (Grade 6-8). High School track (Grade 9-12), University

Please kindly note that all participants including the student nominees should complete the payment ($30) per sector for successful registrations, and all the remaining procedures for the GLEC Vietnam regional final round may take online-based through the GLEC online platform due to the current state of the Covid-19. (Final Round Guidelines:

Please keep yourself updated on the upcoming emails, and the website is the best way to get answers to some of your most pressing questions. 

If you need any assistance, please reach out to us via email at with the subject line ‘Final Round Inquiry.’


GLEC Vietnam Secretariat

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