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★ Final Round Date/Time Released!

1 Nov 2021

Dear GLEC Vietnam 2021 participant,

Thank you for participating in the Global Leadership English Challenge Vietnam 2021.

We are reaching out to inform you that the registration for the final round is hereby confirmed and your individual final round date and time are released!

All participants should print out the Identification Slip with their individual Registration No. for the identification procedure (Print available at 13:00 (VST) 2021/11/01 - 2021/11/06). If you participate in both sectors (Speech and Essay), please bring your ID slip for each sector.

*Identification Slip Print:

*Log in Details: Name / Email (Both should be equivalent to the account details of the GLEC official website (

Exam Date and Time cannot be changed manually, and you should enter the Zoom room at your designated Entrance Time, and follow the guidance of the GLEC Vietnam Secretariat.


  • As part of a monitoring and further examination, the entire contest procedure will be recorded. All participants are considered to consent to the video/audio recordings and the use of recordings being used by the GLEC Vietnam Secretariat. The use of recordings may include: supervision, examination, edit, website post, etc.
  • We consider the following to be acts of dishonesty. If we discover that you have engaged in any of the following while participating in the contest, your results will be invalidated.
  1. Opening another webpage or browsing another website
  2. Using notes, smartphones or other materials
  3. Talking on the phone or to other people
  4. Someone other than you takes any portion of the contest
  5. Someone else is in the room while you are taking the contest
  6. Other dishonest acts

*Final Round Terms and Regulations:

If any of your personal details have errors or for any assistance, please contact us ( timely.


GLEC Vietnam Secretariat

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