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Updates and news GLEC Vietnam is over!

9 Nov 2021

Dear GLEC Vietnam 2021 participant,

Warmest greetings from GLEC Vietnam Secretariat!

GLEC is an English speech/essay contest for teenagers nationwide on the subject of the UN and international issues, calling on participation of the youth by selecting the theme of the competition as an annual UN agenda or desirable targets for everyone.

Amongst the challenging times as we deal with the Covid-19 and this education environment, we, Hope to the Future Association, have successfully completed the final round based on online platforms. We hope this opportunity of participation, regardless of the award, would surely be a rewarding and meaningful experience for all participating students, exposing themselves to obtain deep knowledge on the given topics.

All submitted essays and given speeches will be evaluated by the GLEC Evaluation Committee, consisting of UN experts and foreign professors. As been previously informed, any applications to be engaged in any Acts of Dishonesty will be invalidated.

*Award Announcement: 03 December, 2021.

The award for final winners will be announced at (Not Yet Available), and email notifications. All participants including those who have not been awarded are given the Certificate of Participation for the final round as proof of qualification, but please be aware that the printing service is available for only 4 weeks from the announcement.

Again, GLEC Vietnam Secretariat appreciates all participants' hard work and sincere effort to learn more about the United Nations and current international issues. Please contact us at for any contest-related inquiries.


GLEC Vietnam Secretariat

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