Contest Procedures / Lịch trình cuộc thi 

Preliminary Round

Registration Fee Payment

1. Preliminary Round20$ per sector (Make sure to sign in to the website first to make payment.)

2. Confirmation email including the File Submission Guidelines will be sent via email within 1~2 working days.

Contest File Submission

1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all contest-related procedures will be made online.

2. File Submission (click)


1. All participants will be evaluated by the submitted files (speech script, voice record files, essay) after the file submission period, and the finalists will be announced on 18 October.

2. All Finalists should pay the final round registration fee within the registration period, and they will be provided both Certificate of Qualification and Identification Slip on 1 November.

Final Round

Preliminary Round Result Announcement

1. Result of the preliminary round will be announced through individual emails, and please make sure you have fully understood the final round procedures.

2. Final Round Guidelines (click)

Registration Fee Payment

1. Final Round: 30$ per sector

2. All finalists should pay the final round registration fee, and the incomplete payment may result in unsuccessful registration.

Contest Guidelines

1. Speech: All participants should memorize their full script which was submitted on the preliminary round since the speech is evaluated in real-time. (Any change or update is NOT allowed.)

2. Essay: Topics for the final round will be newly presented on the date, distinguished according to the track. All participants should submit their essays within the given time.

* Must Read: All tickets for each sector will be open upon the online registration period (2021/08/16 - 2021/09/25).

* Lưu ý: Phiếu dự thi cho mỗi hạng mục sẽ được mở bán trong thời gian đăng ký online (2021/08/16 - 2021/09/25).

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